Re-Pro: A New Politics of Care

Isabel Castro



"Re-Pro is a network of decentralized facilities easing access to reproductive healthcare, using the American state of Alabama as a location for its first implementation. Healthcare access is the least of expectations binding the contract between citizen and nation-state, but in the United states it is the least guaranteed one. Access to reproductive healthcare in America varies greatly according to location, reflecting the deeply embedded structural inequalities that reign over US territory. Because reproductive healthcare is often overshadowed by the abortion debate, ideological differences are now also impacting the nation-wide capacity of clinical sites that provide these services. By assessing the issue around reproductive health as a complex one, the project asks how can we actively deploy different infrastructures of care within the city, that will not solve but facilitate access, ultimately aiming at de-stigmatizing and normalizing the conversation around reproductive healthcare .The decentralizing nature of the project seeks to remove reproductive health from the singular building logic that currently prevails, by intervening within recurrent public spaces such as the bus stop, the supermarket, the shelter, the school and a library in a specific neighbourhood in Birmingham, Alabama."

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