Cementing Zionism

Khaled Al-Bashir



"The project Cementing Zionism looks towards developing a practice through which tracing material supplies can be used to map Zionist Colonial Infrastructures. My aim is to identify and quantify the complicit forces that have contributed to the dispossession of Indigenous Palestinian Populations. In the project I rely on the testimony of my grandmother who was exiled from the city Haifa during the Nakba. I then proceed to investigate the Haifa Governmental Hospital, the hospital my grandmother was born in, to unveil a segment of the processes and actors complicit in the dispossession of my grandmother, and other Palestinians. At the core of the project is an ambition that looks towards a possibility in using Israel's settler colonial architecture as a medium and a testimony to observe the processes that have transformed our landscapes. It attempts to frame architecture as a double agent. On the one hand, it is a colonial apparatus contributing to our erasure. On the other, that same architecture, within such practice, can bear witness to our erasure, making our absence present."

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